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angrychair.com.auPresented by Dave Collins, Online Film Producer at ANGRYchair--- Transcript Begins ---Good digital marketing strategy, and good content marketing strategy, needs to be a fusion of lots of elements. It can't just be one thing. Just written blog posts, just photography, just Tweets, just posts on a Facebook wall, or just film, is gonna give you a disadvantage. There needs to be a mix and a balance.I studied education for a little while at Uni, and didn't go on to be a teacher, which I think is a really good thing. Other people would disagree with me, I'd be a terrible teacher. But one of the things we learned is that people learn differently. Some people learn best through the smells that stimulate memories, or the way that something is presented visually. Some people hear things better, or using the sense of touch they can really absorb things quickly.The same is true of the way our audience, our target market, reacts to the way that we present information. So some people will learn best, and will absorb best information and come to know and love your brand best through text, and others photos, and others online film. So it's best to use a mix.Naturally I'm gonna say that film is a very important part of that, but it's always important to consider using a mix of things. You know, podcasting is a great way of doing it, using a mix of mediums to get your message across to your audience.--- Transcript Ends --- -


The Local Marketing Business - semalt

The Local Marketing Business specialises in working with small to medium sized businesses, helping them create and implement marketing strategies that work.First established in April 2009 the business has grown into one of the leading marketing businesses in the South West and was recently awarded 'Best for Marketing Strategy - South West UK' in the 2015 UK Corporate Excellence Awards.For more information on the services I offer, please visit my website: www.thelocalmarketingbusiness.co.uk -

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Affiliate Marketing - The Basics - semalt

https://freedomlab.biz/affiliate-mark...You may have heard the term Affiliate Marketing before but may be unsure of exactly what it is. In this post I’ll cover the basics and how to get started the right way.So what is Affiliate Marketing?Affiliate Marketing is a sales method whereby businesses that have a product to sell, whether physical, digital or a service, recruit third-party sellers to promote their product and then pay them a commission for sales that they make.There are tons of programs available too numerous to mention here, but you can see a sampling in the post https://freedomlab.biz/affiliate-mark...Find out more about *Going From 9-to-5 To Earning Online* on my YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJLJ...If you like this video, you can also subscribe by clicking the Subscribe button above for the latest news and updates from FreedomLab.You can also find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyFreedomLab/And Twitter: https://twitter.com/myfreedomlabAnd of course, FreedomLab: https://freedomlab.biz/ -

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The Shadows Riders Of The Range - semalt

from the LP Life In The Jungle https://www.facebook.com/groups/world... https://www.facebook.com/groups/Bruce... https://www.facebook.com/groups/HankM... -

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Marketing Plan The Kindergarten - semalt

Gaia Program 2015 -

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The little understood difference between Marketing and Selling, and the fact that 90% of business owners and managers don't really know the difference.For further information, contact john7@johnedmonds.comA video by http://www.timetrapper-video-producti... -

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The SAVE Marketing Framework - semalt

The final step of developing your freelance marketing plan is understand the SAVE framework. This framework looks at solution, access, value, education these 4 principles are more applicable surrounding a company that is using content marketing as a main marketing tactic. Episode Notes: http://freelancejumpstart.tv/11Make sure to subscribe and look out for new episodes.https://www.youtube.com/nathanallotey...—Looking to level up in your freelance business? You may need Creative Coaching:http://nathanallotey.com/coachingCOUPON CODE: YOUTUBEFOLLOWER—Freelance Jumpstart Podcast on iTunes:http://nathanallotey.com/itunesaudioFree Course on How to Double Your Worth:http://respectandvalue.comLike the content? Donate to the Cause:http://nathanallotey.com/donateExecutive Producer - Nathan AlloteyTypefaces: Proxima Nova—Contact MeMy website: http://nathanallotey.comTwitter: http://twitter.com/nathanalloteyFacebook: http://facebook.com/TheNathanAlloteyInstagram: http://instagram.com/nathan.alloteyGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/+NathanAllotey -

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Sales & Marketing: The New Power Couple - The Future of Sales & Marketing - semalt

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions presents 'Why the Feud Between Sales and Marketing is Over.' -

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The Pragmatic Marketing Experience - semalt

Ready to deliver products that resonate in your market?Pragmatic Marketing’s training is based on the fundamental belief that a company’s products need to be grounded in a strategy that is driven by the market. Since 1993, we have trained more than 100,000 product management and marketing professionals at 8,000 companies on six continents. -

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The Business: Marketing Yourself - semalt

Join this stellar panel of industry professionals as they examine the ins and outs of marketing for actors. Panelists include Blair Hickey (Actor-Co-Founder, CastingAbout), Brian Wold (Internet/Marketing Specialist-Co-Founder, CastingAbout), Tammy Lynn (Spotlight Pr Company), and Stephen Meade (Founder and CEO of BigBamboo LLC). Moderated by actress Carrie Wiita. April 27, 2010 in Los Angeles. -

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Marketing Health: The Conference - semalt


Seo company Fazenda Palestina

The Pit at the Rifle Range - semalt

The target pit at the rifle range.An artillery unit with the United States Marine Corps qualifying during at the rifle range in Twentynine Palms, California. -

Marketing Cabeça Quebrada

Through the Line Marketing - semalt

What did you understand by the acronym TTL?TTL is the acronym for Through-the-line. TTL is a promotion strategy that is a combination of the strategies used in both ATL(Above-the-line) and BTL(Below-the-line). In this, one type of advertizing points the targeted audience towards the another type of advertising.For example a youtube ad (ATL) can redirect the users to click on a link to get the coupon code which the can use in stores to get a discount(BTL).Here ATL has redirected the targeted audience towards BTL.Additional content on this topic can be found at http://www.eduxir.com/curriculum/cbse... -

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The Green Marketing Company - semalt

The Green Marketing Company: For most companies the answer is cash flow. Green marketing is a combination of sustainability & profitability. You don't have to hug a tree, simply use less resources to earn more profit to support your family.You Can Increase Your Profit Now! The Green Marketing Company can help you lower your expenses and increase sales. Our FREE Sustainability Report helps you lower operating expenses while going green.Sustainability is Profitability: The world is forever changing, and going green isn't just for Tree Huggers anymore. You can go green and save money! Now there are programs that deliver guaranteed savings with no money down. We can actually create your new marketing budget by lowering your expenses!Get started right now with a free marketing consultation and sustainability report. Do you need more sales, a more diverse product line, or a larger staff? Every business is different and the needs and definition for success is different. There are however, two things that remain constant, you need off the charts creativity and finite knowledge when marketing your company to get you where you need to go. The Green Marketing Company can help you succeed!The first thing I suggest is to talk to someone about marketing your business, just brain storm and see what happens, too often we get tunnel vision and we can't see our way to success. What was the first aha moment when you decided to open shop? Share that passion with your customers! I don't think like most people. I'm a little different, some say crazy, some say genius, but everyone agrees I can think outside the box and green marketing is my passion!. Feel free to call and decide for yourself. Do you think you can succeed in these times by thinking like everyone else? -

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Marcel The Marketing Guy - semalt

I decided to create a video about Marcel and Harry. Yeah. (I have to much time on my hands) enjoy! -

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Why the La Cornue range may be range for you - semalt

Phillipe Cros of Appliance Canada, describes La Cornue in detail. For more information email info@appliancecanada.com or call 905.660.2424 and ask for sales! -

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The Marketing of Abortion - semalt

Using strategic marketing techniques, The abortion industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar business. But how far will they go to market their services to women?David Kupelian, author of "The Marketing of Evil," discusses how marketers used lies to sell America on unrestricted abortion in the 1960s and '70s.Dr. Tony Levatino, a former abortionist, describes how he used to approach abortions and how abortionists today justify the procedure.Carol Everett, former owner of two abortion facilities, agrees that abortion is a business, and the more you sell, the more profit you make.Abby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, grew to understand the greater agenda of what she thought was a family planning business that offered true options counseling. (Season 5, Episode 5) -

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Riding the Range: BLM Range Rider at Steens Mountain Wilderness - semalt

Meet Katy Bartzokis, range rider on the BLM Burns District. Katy manages the district's pack mule program and spends most of her days riding in the Steens Wilderness, repairing fences and supporting resource staff with her mules. -

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The Entrepreneur: e-Marketing - semalt

Kenya now has over 2 million registered users of Facebook. Even assuming some users have more than one account, this is a significant market to reach for any business person. On our 'The Entrepreneur' segment tonight Cynthia Nyamai takes a look at a new business making its name in E-Marketing. -

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The marketing || Infographic animation - semalt

Infographic animation for The Marketing by Arc Solutions.For your video requirements contact us at -www.arcsolutions.co.inthearcsolutions@gmail.comwww.fb.com/thearcsolutions -

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The Marketing Management Process - semalt

The Marketing Management Process -

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The value of marketing - semalt

Sven Erik Nisja from Oceaneering sits down with Marianne Molineaux from Xait to talk about how they managed to get their corporate logo launched into space. Film: Venora.nohttp://www.xait.com/https://twitter.com/xaitporterhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/xait -

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The Minimalists Guide To Marketing - The Modern Marketing Show Ep 4 - semalt

Marketing can get pretty complicated pretty quick, which is why for today’s episode we’re going to cover how to simplify your businesses marketing, so you can do more with less.Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. In fact, more often than not, overly complicated and hyped up marketing plans simply hide the fact that things aren’t really working that well. The problem is, it’s far too easy to end up doing EVERYTHING, but that’s rarely, if ever, the right thing to do. And there are 2 major issues with the doing everything approach which I'll cover in this video.-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Digital Marketing Basics – Basic marketing techniques to grow your business | Modern Marketing Ep 7" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5tmD...-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-► Download your free copy of The One Page Business Plan Here – http://adamerhart.com/marketingplan -

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Marketing In The New Era: The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising - semalt

View more details at https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/v5fhc/0 -

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Marketing CPG: The Conference - semalt


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Vestige | The Best network marketing company | The World of network marketing - semalt


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Marketing CPG: The Conference - semalt


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Hydroponics - Marketing the Product - semalt


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bcl 102 at the range - semalt

Taking a Canadian made BCL 102 308 caliber rifle to the range. Im kinda afraid of guns but my liberal friends told me it would be good for me to see what the alt right does in their spare time.NOTE: im not afraid of guns i just really like trolling liberals. -

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Fun in the Chrono range - semalt

Shooting up some old paint. This is the paint from the Vintage Scrims. We were blending like crazy lol. -

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The Marketing Concept Defined - semalt

This is a simple definition that explains the marketing concept for students. -

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Marketing Health: The Conference - semalt


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Rock on the range 2018 - semalt


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The Evolution of the Range Rover - semalt

Range Rover has evolved into the world’s most elegant and sophisticated SUV, achieving more than one million sales (1.7 million to date) along the way. Trademark features including its ‘floating’ roof, distinctive clamshell bonnet, continuous belt line and practical split tailgate all pay homage to the groundbreaking original.The Range Rover story begins with the 26 pre-production models, which wore Velar badges in an effort to hide its identity – velare means to ‘veil’ or ‘cover’ in Italian – made up of letters from the ‘Land Rover’ badge that usually adorns the front and rear of a vehicle. Next comes the timeless Range Rover Classic two-door as the images showcase successive generations, finishing with the most powerful derivative, the 550PS SVAutobiography Dynamic built by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division.If you love cars you should subscribe now to YouCar the world famous automotive channel: https://goo.gl/5i54Vg -

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Why Video Marketing is the New Darling of the Marketing World - semalt

Why Video Marketing is the New Darling of the Marketing World Contact us today: http://www.localcustomvideos.com/-----------------------Follow our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwPk...Share our Video Spokesperson Video Playlist:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spokesperson...- Twitter: https://twitter.com/localcustomvide- Blogger: https://localcustomvideos.blogspot.com/- Google Site: https://sites.google.com/site/localcu...- Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100108522...- tumblr: https://localcustomvideos.tumblr.com/#spokespersonvideos#localcustomvideoshttps://youtu.be/il9DPv-21Ss -

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video marketing strategies The Greatest video marketing strategies In the world - semalt

video marketing strategies http://videocurationpro.com/index.htmlThe most powerful viral Internet Video Software on the Planet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkEZQj...The Example you are viewing above was created by VCP.This Software Curates Videos, turns it into videos, Uploads it to the Best Video Hosts in the world, plus to our Own Self Hosted High PR Video Series of sites. These sites rank extremely well in the SE's plus give you the choice to supply your own High CTR thumbnails as seen in the example above. Internet Video Marketing has changed forever, its never been so simple to curate and create and upload video Content using this Automation service, http://videocurationpro.com/index.html doesall the hard work, you can go to bed and awake to incredible rankings in the search engines.video marketing software :00:00:05 video marketing secrets00:00:49 make money online video00:01:33 online video marketing00:02:18 video marketing services00:03:02 make money online videohttp://youtu.be/IkluUKIPycgvideo marketing strategieshttp://bonerank.com.co/viral-video-ma...video marketing strategies The Greatest video marketing strategies In the world -

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LEO The Marketing Plan - semalt


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The Future Of Marketing! - semalt

Join the Token Sale and Claim your Bonus! https://account.hoqu.io/registerMore information about HOQU Token Sale on official website: https://tokensale.hoqu.ioMain Sale – 11/27/2017 – 02/26/2018HOQU is the world's first decentralized blockchain affiliate marketing platform.Social channels:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HOQUioTwitter: https://twitter.com/HOQU_IOTelegram: https://t.me/hoquioTelegram (Rus): https://t.me/hoqu_rusTelegram Bounty: https://t.me/hoqubountyBlogs: Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/HOQU_IO/Medium: https://blog.hoqu.ioBitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?top...Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?top...Steemit: https://steemit.com/@hoquGolos: https://golos.io/@goloshoqu -

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The Content Marketing Quadrants - semalt

A content marketing framework designed to help better understand the content marketing world and the terminology being used in the marketplace. -

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The Worst Marketing Clichés - semalt

The Adhocracy Show: Ep. 014Only time will tell if you will fall head over heals with this episode about the worst clichés in marketing. We also talk about how to avoid cliché in advertising. Generic Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YBts...The Rundead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH7W6...101 Clichés: http://www.101cliches.com/view-the-101Next Episode: http://tinyurl.com/hf96q5vPrevious Episode: http://tinyurl.com/h7wzn2aSubscribe to our page: http://bit.ly/1kDXZaOThe Adhocracy Show is a weekly (eventually daily) show all about marketing. We will cover everything that we can think of from the good to the bad. From print, to video, to billboard, to gaming. If you don't care about marketing, hopefully you will at least be entertained. Credits:Staring: David Landeen and JD MelvilleCamera and Audio: Ethanhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3kl... -

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The Art of Marketing…or is it the Science of Marketing? - semalt

In this excerpt from a live session of the University of Florida and MECLABS Institute graduate certificate program (http://www.meclabs.com/UF), Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute, and his team discuss how to balance the constant tension between art and science. -

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50m Range Test with Upgraded ASG M40A3 - On the Range - semalt

------TunnelBear!! http://click.tunnelbear.com/SHDkVideo edited by: http://goo.gl/WBR2GbHaloMill: http://goo.gl/HgI49vPatrolBase: http://goo.gl/nnLJSxSubscribe: http://goo.gl/LjmjkiCopyright (c) HelliAirsoft 2015 NH-Graphics -

Marketing Puerto Alegre

Marketing CPG: The Conference - semalt


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The Best Example of B2B Marketing - Email Marketing by the B - semalt

Make More Money From Less Traffic By Using This One Simple Technique....Visit http://www.growingyouronlinebusiness.com Showing You How -

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iGaming Marketing & the ICO - semalt

Please watch: "Caribic Casino Review and Bonus Information" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjNNe...-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Many iGaming Affiliates have recently received in the post a six page letter from the ICO, alleging that they have been sending out unsolicited emails and sms text messages. The upshot being, affiliates are being supposedly threatened with fines of up to £500,000.I Interview Tom Galanis of Tag Media concerning this move by the ICO. Providing information on what affiliates need to do to ensure they are compliant with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and how they should respond to the ICO.The interview with Tom starts at 1:31.This video makes up part of our Casino Webmasters Resource on Online Casino Reviewer. For further information I have provided useful links below:iGaming Marketing - The ICO and PERC - https://www.onlinecasinoreviewer.com/... Tag Media - https://www.tag-media.orgCasino Webmasters Resource - https://www.onlinecasinoreviewer.com/...ICO Website - https://ico.org.uk/Guide to PERC - https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/... -

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How NOT to use Range Ammo at the Shooting Range - semalt

Hey Youtube! Thanks for giving Bradley a good reason to spend a morning shooting with a buddy. What's your favorite gun to shoot?Get the Range Ammo Sampler w/ Torch Lighter at this link:https://tntcigars.com/product/range-a...Follow Bradley on Instagram:@crookedbeardaz -

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The best way to get 99 range 1-99 range - semalt

this is a good way to get 1-99 range and you can make cash from it.#91 - Most Responded (This Week) - Howto &Style - United KingdomRunescape is a trademark of jadex ltd -

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Marketing In The New Era: The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising - semalt

View more details at https://funnelx2.com/secret?r=295&lis... -

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LG Appliances Cooking Range and Over the Range Microwave Video - semalt

LG Appliance offers Gas Ranges and LG Electric Ranges full of features and offer the same styling to match other LG kitchen appliances. This video discusses the gas range offering a 16,500 BTU power burner and a simmer burner that goes as low as 700 BTUs, the three available electric ranges with brilliant blue oven interiors, and three over the range microwave ovens including the convection model. For more on LG see our other YouTube videos or visit us online at http://www.karlsappliance.com for pricing and further features and specs. -

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The Festival of Marketing - semalt

The Festival of Marketing is where marketers meet to re-engineer the marketing discipline and multiply its impact on business.It's a week-long celebration of change, inspired by the Modern Marketing Manifesto from Econsultancy and Marketing Week, our take on the state of the discipline and the challenges every marketer should be focusing on.In five interconnected events plus a Festival Fringe series, we'll look at the disruptions, inventions, ideas and attitudes that put customers at the center of the universe and brands in orbit around them.Discover more http://festivalofmarketing.com/ -

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Parabolic Range Booster on the DJI Phantom 4 : Range Test - semalt

Copper Parabolic Antenna Range Booster for DJI Phantom 4.It does work ! I did a flight with and without the Range Booster. It actually does extend the flight distance by 50%, that's quite a lot especially if you consider the price. You can find it as low as 9€ on ebay.The recorded 4K video in the phantom 4 has absolutely no stutter or interruptions like you see on the live feed from the tablet.Have fun.http://cgi.benl.ebay.be/ws/eBayISAPI.... -

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Basics of Range Bags (What to bring to the range) - semalt

https://gunmagwarehouse.com/Grey Ghost Gear Range Baghttps://amzn.to/2PredFaVertx Range Bag (25% off with discount code: GarandThumb)http://www.vertx.com/a-range-bag#Shot Timerhttps://amzn.to/2OUXpFzOutdoor Research Gloveshttps://amzn.to/2OX2X2rOakley M Frame Eye Protectionhttps://amzn.to/2OS1omcPeltor Comtacshttps://amzn.to/2BrOB8jLeatherman Wavehttps://amzn.to/2PpwTVCBallistol lube (for your gun)https://amzn.to/2LcvEWCRite In the Rain notebookhttps://amzn.to/2nUv5YvCleaning Rodhttps://amzn.to/2N3OJMyHex Key Sethttps://amzn.to/2Mt65pVVertx 25% off DISCOUNT Code: GarandThumbhttp://vertx.com/LAX Ammo Discount Code: GarandThumb https://www.laxammo.com/SICK T SHIRTShttps://teespring.com/stores/garand-t...Belts! Discount Code: "GarandThumb" (only work on the belts)http://www.alonsodefensegroup.com/app...LAX Ammo Discount Code: GarandThumb https://www.laxammo.com/Support Garand Thumb!https://www.patreon.com/GarandTHumbVertx 25% off DISCOUNT Code: GarandThumbhttp://vertx.com/Camera Equipment--Panasonic Gh3http://amzn.to/2tDZZ9h50mm lenshttp://amzn.to/2tXEUcwZoom h1 Michttp://amzn.to/2tDWek9lapel michttp://amzn.to/2sUSgqe--Like and Subscribe for more awesome Garand: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...Instahoe: https://www.instagram.com/garand_thumb/GarandThumb on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/garandthumb1 -

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video marketing wiki The Best video marketing wiki In the world - semalt

video marketing wiki http://www.videocurationpro.com/The most powerful Video marketing software http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkEZQj...The Video you are watching now was created by Video Curation Pro.This Software Generates Videos, turns it into videos, Uploads it to the top Video Hosts in the world, as weel to our Own Self Hosted High PR Video Series of sites. These websites rank very well in the SE's and give you the ability to choose your own Attractive CTR thumbnails as seen in the video above. Internet Video Promotions has changed forever, its never been as easy to make and upload videos using this automated service, http://www.videocurationpro.com/ doesall the hard work, You can walk away from your computer and the software does all your work while you go have a coffee.video marketing statistics 2013 :00:00:05 video marketing strategies00:00:52 viral marketing software00:01:39 online video marketing00:02:26 skype marketing00:03:13 video marketing serviceshttp://youtu.be/NRUpusLdKvsvideo marketing wikihttp://catcamera.net/video-marketing-...video marketing wiki The Best video marketing wiki In the world -

Marketing Tressignaux

The Lemonade House Full Range Review - An Award Winning Range! - semalt

A review of the full Lemonade House RangeYou for more information, visit: www.le-vap.com*TIME STAMPS*0:49 - Elegant Fix2:54 - Sparkles4:45 - Summer5:53 - Traditional6:45 - Useful Info7:28 - Thoughts & Opinions**PLEASE REMEMBER: TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE. YOUR RESULTS MAY DIFFER TO MINE**E-Liquid Review Setup:Augvape Druid RDA: http://www.augvape.com/Crazywire 0.5ohm SS Build: http://www.wireandstuff.co.uk/Texas Tuff Cotton: http://stores.ebay.com/sharonskrFind me on social media:YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/TheDevilVaper...Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDevilVaper/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedevilvaper/Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDevilVaperEmail: thedevilvaper@gmail.comAll information is correct at time of recording.All opinions are of my own and not influenced in any way, shape or form.Intro/background/outro music: Ban Jyang – Keep On ForcingUsed with full permission of the creator. -

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The Conversion Pros New Marketing App-The Best Marketing Mobile App - semalt

https://marketingagency.tcplifestyles... This NEW TCP mobile App is total awesome! I can virtually do everything from my phone! This app is for android users now with iphone coming soon. This app is included with the Conversion Pros membership. -

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2018 Range Rover Velar - Driving the best Range Rover yet ?! - semalt

I am lucky to be one of the first people to review the brand new Range Rover Velar, the new model in the JLR line up. Stunning looks on the outside and superb touchscreen technology on the inside. Could this be the best Range Rover yet ?In this video I drive the 3.0L diesel HSE R Dynamic, a beautiful example of the Velar that is fully loaded. A big thanks to Harwoods Group for letting me drive this car before any of their customers !!!Please remember to SUBSCRIBE and follow me on Social Media to keep up to date with my news, views and reviews...Twitter - www.twitter.com/petrol_pedFacebook - www.facebook.com/petrolpedInstagram - www.instagram.com/petrol_ped -

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Marketing In The New Era: The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising - semalt

View more details at http://www.fourcornersalliancegroup.c... -

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Range Rover Sport SVR | The most powerful Range Rover ever - semalt

Latest addition to the portfolio is all about performance. Gloss black accents emphasise the sporty stanceFind out more here: http://www.landrover-me.com/en/vehicl...More than six decades ago, Land Rover marked its first trails on the sands of Arabia. And felt right at home amidst the adventurers and visionaries, terrains and landscapes.Join us as we discover your land all over again: http://myland.landrover-me.com/Follow us on our social channels:Facebook: http://facebook.com/LandRoverMENATwitter: @LandRoverMENAInstagram: @LandRoverMENAExplore more about Land Rover: http://landrover-me.com/Register and keep up to date: http://bit.ly/1hX5zYL -

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Lovesofas - The Valencia Cream Range - semalt

Check out our Valencia Cream Range!Available in a premium bonded leather, in all seat variations and in both electric recliner and manual. Get yours today only at Lovesofas!For more information visit our website or call now to order yours.Buy online - http://www.lovesofas.co.uk/valencia-l...Take a look at our range - www.lovesofas-huddersfield.co.ukCall our sales team - 01484 517171Speak to our showroom specialists - 01484 516827 -

Marketing Ourbe

Slab City The Range Stage - semalt

Slab City The Range Stage Holloween 2015, costume contest -

Promotion Montvilliers

VEPR 12 at the Range - semalt

We've had several people ask us about the differences between the VEPR 12 and Saiga 12 so we made a little video. The Saiga is an Arsenal SGL 12-07 with aftermarket modifications, and the VEPR is straight out of the box and unfired before this video. Chris will give you the run down of the obvious differences, and the other guys will show you how the VEPR performs. -

Marketing Montchaton

Colt Defender at the Range - semalt

Colt Defender Series 90 .45 ACP at the range -

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The GLOCK Range Bag Review - semalt

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...Manufacturer: Glock AP60211Item: 2-GLAP60211UPC: 764503602115Heavy-duty pistol bag has room for your pistol, ammunition, glasses and ear muffs! Made of DuPont ballistic nylon. Official GLOCK merchandise. -

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♥ "Home on the Range" - Mantovani - semalt

Music: Home on the Rangeby: Mantovani***===Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam,Where the deer and the antelope play,Where seldom is heard a discouraging wordAnd the skies are not cloudy all day.ChorusHome, home on the range,Where the deer and the antelope play;Where seldom is heard a discouraging wordAnd the skies are not cloudy all day.===from Wikipedia:"Home on the Range" is the state song of the State of Kansas. Dr. Brewster M. Higley (1823--1911) originally wrote the words in a poem called "My Western Home" in the early 1870s in Smith County, Kansas. The poem was first published in a December 1873 issue of the Smith County Pioneer under the title "Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam". The music was written by a friend of Higley's named Daniel E. Kelley. Higley's original words are similar to those of the song today but not identical. The song was adopted by settlers, cowboys, and others and spread across the USA in various forms. During the early 20th century, it was arranged by Texas composer David W. Guion (1892--1981) who is often credited as the composer. It was officially adopted as the state song of Kansas on June 30, 1947, and is commonly regarded as the unofficial anthem of the American West.-Credits:Video clips/photos: all mine(Incidentally like Dorothy, I was not in Kansas anymore and the buffalo was a water buffalo, a.k.a. carabao, kalabaw, karbaw or anuwang.)Audio track belongs to the rightful owner (not me) -- Thanks for allowing the audio to remain here. -

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Bloke on the Range FAQ - semalt

The Bloke and The Chap take some time out from their busy shooting schedule to answer some of the most commonly-posed questions from video comments.Now, before anyone gets antsy about the sound, the river wouldn't let us film there without getting at least an audio role, and threatened to burst its banks and wreak havoc if we didn't let it provide the background atmospherics. So we did.Here's the link to The Chap's site with the Werder rifle he mentioned in the video: http://militarygunsofeurope.eu/listin...And our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Blokeonthera... You should like it, you really should :) -

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Cobra Derringer 9mm @ The Range - semalt

My shooting at the range with The Cobra DerringerI created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor) -

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Homeware Haul | HOMESENSE & THE RANGE - semalt

Homesense and The Range Haul. Keep up to date of what is new in Homesense and The Range. Thank you for your support watching my first video and hope to see you again in future videos. Where to find me:INSTAGRAM: jademarie_may -

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The Swing Automated Driving Range - semalt

The Swing is an 80 Station Fully Automated Driving Range built in 2010 by Range Automation Systems. It features the NorthStar 4 automated tee-up system. Please visit our website http://www.rangesystems.com for more information. -

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Marketing Management | The Marketing Realities | The Major Societal Forces | Part 4 - semalt

Marketing ManagementMarketing Management | The Marketing Realities | The Major Societal Forces | Part 41. Introduction - 00:00:09 - 00:00:162. Major Societal Forces - 00:00:17 - 00:01:253. Major Societal Forces - 00:01:26 - 00:03:53- Network Information Technology (Because it has bought information at the finger tips of the consumers)- Globalization (Has bought the world together- Deregulation (These are meant for governing of the business but in due course of time they become hurdles)- Privatization (Many companies have converted public companies to private companies thereby management has increased the effective of business)- Heightened Competition (There is an intense competition among domestic and foreign brands raises)- Industry Convergence (Represents the intersection of two or more industries for growth opportunities)- Retail Transformation (The retail shop has lost it's share to online market)- Consumer Buying Power (Consumer can now access a lot many things online)- Consumer Information and Participation (Consumer want the service of their product that they are buying)4. New Company Capabilities - 00:03:55 - 00:07:08 - They help companies to cope , respond and to grow.- The Information can be easily accessed on the internet- Marketers can conduct fresh research- Marketers can feed customers on social media like on twitter and Facebook - Company can often create buzz about products- Using GPS marketers can pinpoint where exactly the customer's location is- Companies can make and sell individually differentiated goods- By using Internet Cost Efficiency can be skilfully applied5. Marketing in an Age of Turbulence - 00:07:09 - 00:09:44- Secure your market share from core customer segments (Compete from the competitors who are trying to grab your most profitable and loyal customer)- Company fight and gain market share- Company can afford to be adamant and not response to the change- Increase the budget more to counter the attack- The customer need to feel safety and security with their association with the company or the product and services- Marketing Budgets are to be revised in good times or bad times- Discounting the best brand may result in the opposite manner a few times- Sometimes it is important to loose the week brands in order to save the strong brandsVideo by Edupedia World (www.edupediaworld.com) , free online educationClick here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4J7_... for the play listAll Rights Reserved -

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Miss Crocker Range (MCR) 2016 | The Crocker Range Festival 2016 - semalt

Miss Crocker Range (MCR) 2016 Beauty Pageant CompetitionIn conjuction with The Crocker Range Festival (TCRF) 2016---------Instagram saya - https://www.instagram.com/nelsonmicha...Facebook - http://bit.ly/29MXVUMFacebook page - http://bit.ly/29GX2PX -

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Marketing Intelligence: Solving the Puzzle of People-Based Marketing - semalt

Panel session at Forrester’s Consumer Marketing Forum on April 6, 2017 in New York, NY. Featuring Visual IQ’s Manu Mathew and fellow panelists from H&R Block, Roku, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America discussing how sophisticated marketing intelligence solutions can help enhance the consumer experience and deliver on the promise of people-based marketing. -

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The ESP Pop-Ups Range - semalt

With the popularity of the chod rig and fluoro pop up approach in recent years it made sense for ESP to develop a range of pop ups to complement its chod rig range of terminal tackle. With chod rigs and various other pop up rigs generally incorporating large hooks prolonged buoyancy and a hard texture to prevent water ingress and swelling were vitally important in the make up of the pop up mix ingredients. So a mix was developed incorporating a high percentage of silicone micro-spheres which give the bait their excellent buoyancy, plus egg albumen which binds the other ingredients tightly so once dried and cured the baits go very hard. This prevents swelling and water ingress even when the baits are pierced rather than tied on with floss. A chod rig incorporating a size 5 stiff rigger will hold up a 15mm pop up for days on end whilst the 12mm are excellent when combined with size 8s or used to balance bottom baits as part of a snowman rig. So with the mix perfected we paid special attention to the attractor combinations. Its not widely known but a lot of pop ups on the market are made with no attractors added at the mixing stage at all, just the coloured dye. The attractors are simply sprayed on afterwards, coating the surface of the baits and therefore washing out very quickly leaving an inert bait which is not leaking off any long term attraction. The ESP range however have had optimum levels of flavours added at the mixing stage, then after the cooking process the baits are dried and  another 'hit' of the attractor package is sprayed over the finished baits. This gives the baits two stages of attractor leak off, straight away as soon as the bait is immersed thereby providing instant stimulation and then over the duration of the baits being in the water the attractors inherent in the mix will continue to leech off. The flavour range contains a few tried and trusted classics plus a couple that are a little more unusual: Salt n Pepper Squid (white) A combination of two of the best all time carp attractors, black pepper essential oil and one of the best squid flavours, plus a generous helping of rock salt, a mineral that carp just can't get enough of. Black pepper is the overriding smell with a squiddy background. This will work all year round and a white hook bait fished over food bait or as a single on a chod rig over a silty lake bed is a sure fire winner. Tutti Twist (orange) Incorporating a blend of one of the most successful tutti frutti flavours ever and amyl acetate which is a flavour component used in pear drop sweets. A really zingy, punchy fruit flavour that is an out and out classic. Salmon Smokies (pink) Pink is one of the most productive colours for single hook bait fishing. The smoked salmon and caviar attractors blended together make this a classic fishy bait with unmistakable rich, smokey aromas just like smoked salmon.Eucalytus Cream (yellow) A really evocative smell that works all year round but really comes into its own in winter. A blend of eucalyptus essential oil and a sickly sweet cream flavour which are highly effective on their own but when combined together make a deadly attractor package.  Thai Curry (green) Perhaps the 'oddball' of the range but this one is a real dark horse. A blend of lemongrass and ginger essential oils and a rich coconut flavour give the unmistakable Thai Green Curry aroma and the zingy vibrant green colour is a bit different and has been proven to nick bites when other more conventional colours are struggling. Available in 12mm (approx 50 baits per pot) and 15mm (approx 40 baits). -

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Create, Edit, Rename The Range - semalt

In this demo, we will learn how to create, use, edit, and rename a range in Excel 2010 Expert. -

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Bloke on the Range Terminated! - semalt

UPDATE: AS OF ABOUT 1115H CET 24.05.2018 BACK IN BUSINESS BUT WITH A COMMUNITY STRIKE. APPEAL IS UNDERWAY!Yeah, so Bloke on the Range was terminated for no apparent reason at around 1500h CET on Wednesday 23.05.2018. Here's what happened, and the current state of play as of about 2130h the same day.It seems a malicious accusation of spamming might have been the cause.We're working on it! I've pushed every possible channel I have to try to get the show back up and running. Thanks to everyone who's helped (Ian, Karl, Othias, Lindybeige, Matt Easton, Team Full30, and numerous people who contacted me via Patreon or the Facebook page, sorry I can't mention you all). If you wish to contact YouTube on my behalf, please feel free to do so but BE POLITE. I cannot stress this enough. Don't swear at the bots! They don't like it and it doesn't help. Someone got himself banned doing it this afternoon (you know who you are :) ).While I've talked here about the situation as it affects me, sooner or later it will likely affect others, so there's also the bigger picture I perhaps should have spoken about...Hopefully onwards and upwards!https://www.patreon.com/BlokeOnTheRange -

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Range Time: Reveiw and range time with the FNS-40 - semalt

Quit review of the FNS-40 with a little shooting with it. Shooting from 30yds to 50 yds. -

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Riding The Range For Jesus - semalt

I sang all 4 parts to this, but never uploaded (for obvious reasons)It is hard to sing, and I made a ton of mistakes. -

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Range Rider - The Fatal Bullet - semalt

Dick (Dick Jones) and the Rider (Jack Mahoney) are caught while trying to prove that a man awaiting execution was framed by his own defense counsel. -

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Home on the Range #GBA - semalt

Home on the Range #GBA -

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The Asgard Motorcycle Storage Range - semalt

Safely store your motorcycle with a motorbike storage unit that offers complete protection against the elements and theft. House your motorbike in a high security motorcycle storage shed that offers a heavy duty metal floor and 5 point locking system for added peace of mind. You can find the right motorbike storage solution for your needs at Asgard. More information available www.asgardsss.co.uk -

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The Range Craft & Homeware Haul - semalt

Find me on Etsy Here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EllenBee...Instagram: @EllenBeeMakes & @EllenTakesPhotos -

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Range Time with the TISAS - semalt

Cycling different ammo through the TISAS to see if she doesn't like certain kinds. -

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Rock on the range 2018 - semalt

Godsmack -

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المجموعة المتكاملة - The full range - semalt

اي-كيراتين بيقدملك مجموعة متكاملة للعناية بالشعر شامبوبلسمكريمسيرماي-كيراتين..العلم الجديد للعناية بالشعر -

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The Free-Range Parenting Debate - semalt

Parent coach Sarina Natkin offers some guidance for parents about how much freedom to give children and at what age. -

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The Vocal Range Of Enya - semalt

Enya Brennan, known famously simply as Enya, is an Irish singer/songwriter known for her ethereal, often relaxed music and for the many layerings of her voice in her songs. Her songs often feature her vocals recorded in numerous individual tracks and then layered over one another, sometimes more than a hundred times (her track "Angeles" has been said to feature five hundred vocal tracks). The style of Enya's music has often classed her as a new age performer, although she herself doesn't agree with that. Her music has been influenced by Irish folksong as well as ambient electronic music, and is considered to be an instantly recognizable sound. The style of each of her albums hasn't drastically changed over time, but she has found additional influences (winter carols of much of the "And Winter Came..." album, chant on "Cursum Perficio", "Pax Deorum", and "Tempus Vernum", and pop rock on "My! My! Time Flies!") to add to her palette. It's also noted that Enya is often the sole musician on her albums, with her friends Nicky Ryan producing her work and Roma Ryan providing lyrical inspiration.Enya's voice is lightly operatic and agile, being seemingly effortless in the mid to upper fifth octave as it is in the lower third and upper second octaves. Her voice seems to not have changed with age, for it has been strong in both the highs and lows since her earliest work. Due to the layering of her voice on the majority of her tracks, it has been assumed that Enya has a smaller range than she does, despite almost always being the only vocalist on her albums. Over time, Enya has been recognized as one of the world's most successful solo musicians and continues to influence many acts to this day.Higher Notes 1. 0:00 We'll start with the highs! B♭4s from "Athair Ar Neamh".2. 0:14 Haunting B♭4s from "Sumerigusa".3. 0:28 A4s and B4s from the chorus of "May It Be".4. 0:48 A B4 and an E3 from "The Frog Prince".5. 1:06 Amazing singing up to B4 from "Isobella".6. 1:27 B♭4s and a C5 from the lament "If I Could Be Where You Are".7. 1:48 Fairy-esque C5s from "Shepherd Moons".8. 2:09 Lovely C♯5s from "On Your Shore".9. 2:18 Gorgeous singing up to C♯5 from the chorus of "Amarantine".10. 2:46 Going up to a light D5 in "I Want Tomorrow".11. 2:57 A gently sustained D5 from "Marble Halls".12. 3:12 E♭5s from "The Memory Of Trees".13. 3:23 Staccato E♭5s from "Sumiregusa".14. 3:35 E♭5s in the background of "Anywhere Is".15. 3:47 Two more effortless E♭5s from "Fallen Embers".16. 4:13 Beautifully sung E5s from "Fairytale".17. 4:34 Heavenly backing E5s and an F5 from "Wild Child".18. 4:49 Sweet sounding layered F5s from "Storms In Africa".19. 5:02 Strong F5s from "Book Of Days".20. 5:12 Ethereal F5s from the climax of "Aldebaran".21. 5:40 Soaring F5s moving up to F♯5 from "The First Of Autumn".22. 5:59 A layered F♯5 from "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel".23. 6:06 Sustained backing F♯5s from the cathartic "Less Than A Pearl".24. 6:26 Buried, but strong G5s and F5s from, once more, "Sumerigusa".25. 6:55 From the classic chorus of "Orinoco Flow" are easy backing G5s.26. 7:22 A super strong G5 from the end of "Cursum Perficio".27. 7:36 Light backing G♯5s from "Storms In Africa".28. 7:55 Again from "Cursum Perficio" is another powerful G5 and then G♯5.29. 8:12 Going up to B♭5 (Enya's highest known note) in the playful "Spaghetti Western" (with C3s). Lower Notes 30. 8:47 Onto the lows! F♯3s from "Less Than A Pearl".31. 9:00 Easy and strong F♯3s from "Long Long Journey".32. 9:15 Great F3s from "Ebudæ".33. 9:27 An E3 (with a backing D3) from "Deireadh An Tuath".34. 9:40 A sustained E3 from the intro of "One Toy Soldier".35. 9:48 Staccato backing E3s from "The River Sings".36. 9:56 Many E♭3s from "Only Time".37. 10:09 Super strong E♭3s from the mysterious "Boadicea".38. 10:34 Very strong E3s dipping briefly to D3 from the eerie "Pax Deorum".39. 10:48 A quick, but great D3 from "Caribbean Blue".40. 10:54 Layered D3s and C♯3s from the dramatic "Tempus Vernum".41. 11:21 Strong C♯3s from "Afer Ventus".42. 11:42 Hushed C3s from "Cursum Perficio".43. 12:05 Several C3s from "Orinoco Flow"44. 12:32 A strongly layered B2 from "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel".45. 12:42 Layered C♯3s and B♭2s (with a faint F♯5) from "Oíche Chiúin (Chorale)".46. 13:08 More soft C♯3s and B♭2s from the intro of the stunning "Triad".47. 13:42 Layered D3s and C3s dipping to A2 from the intro of "Wild Child".48. 14:12 Faint A2s from "Someone Said Goodbye".49. 14:27 Going down to F♯2(!) in "Evening Falls..."50. 14:38 Several strong F♯2s (sung together with a male vocalist) from "March Of The Celts"!51. 14:52 A G2 and E♭2 (Enya's lowest known note) sung in unison from "Last Time By Moonlight"! -

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Welcome back to Day 101 of George Benson's 2016 Daily Vlogs. My P.O Box - Contego Media, C/O George Benson, 152 - 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NXSimon YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/STOPJABB...Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stopjabbain...Twitter - https://twitter.com/stopjabbaingon► Follow Me on Snapchat - http://www.snapchat.com/ad/geobenno►My Facebook Page - https://goo.gl/nUsu63►Tweet Me! - http://www.twitter.com/mrgeorgebenson►Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/mrgeorgebensonCheck Out My Travel Playlists: DUBAI 2016 - https://goo.gl/4IkHiEEurope 2016 - https://goo.gl/Q5SN7PCAPE TOWN 2015 - https://goo.gl/P8RirZCALIFORNIA 2015 - https://goo.gl/zH8H0HDUBAI/ INDIA 2015 - https://goo.gl/uQXMZaEGYPT 2014 - https://goo.gl/E21e6KLA TRIP 2014 - https://goo.gl/yju5w2DUBAI 2014 - https://goo.gl/GmGzv9Music By IAN EWING - https://soundcloud.com/ianewingmke----------------------------------------------------------------------FAQ - What Camera Do I Use? ► Most of my Vlog style videos are recording on a Sony RX100 mk4. A Vlogging camera I would highly recommend. I sometimes use a Go Pro Hero 4 or a Canon 70D and a Canon 5D MK3 and Canon G7X (another Sterling choice for a Vlogging camera).► I live in a town called Newbury, in Berkshire in the UK► I am the YouTube ambassador for Water Aid :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

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Range and interquartile range - semalt

How to find the range and interquartile range for a data set at GCSE -

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Data Bank A- The Range - semalt

From the Album: Access Denied -

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History of the Viking Range - semalt

History of the Viking Range -

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The Range Rider OUTLAW TERRITORY - semalt

This classic TV Western, in the grand tradition of The Lone Ranger, stars Jock Mahoney as the title character and Dick Jones as his youth partner. The show was filmed at Gene Autry's ranch for his Flying-A Productions. -

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The ROCKCOTE Coloured Render Range - semalt

ROCKCOTE pure acrylic Coloured Renders offer a timeless and beautiful quality that painted surfaces simply cannot achieve. Learn more about the ROCKCOTE Coloured Render range: http://www.rockcote.com.au/ranges/col... -

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home on the range (dutch) - semalt

Home on the range / paniek op de prairie beginning. -

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Range Rover Velar Review - the most futuristic Range Rover yet - semalt

This or the F-Pace it's based on? We do a comprehensive review of the all-new Range Rover Velar and try to get our heads around its futuristic interior. More http://www.motoringme.com/Please LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!More on http://www.MotoringME.comFollow us http://www.facebook.com/MotoringMiddl...http://www.instagram.com/motoringmidd...Follow @ShahzadSheikh:http://www.instagram.com/shahzadsheikh/ Snapchat & Twitter @shahzad_sheikh -

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the Spotnicks - Home on the Range - semalt

Legendary Swedish band play "Home On The Range " from the album " "Out- Of-Space The Spotnicks in London " -

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The Range Live at Glasslands - semalt

We caught up with James Hinton, who records as The Range, before a recent performance at Glasslands in Brooklyn. His debut full-length, Nonfiction, is out now on Donkey Pitch.Listen to MXD SGNLS live every Tuesday at 7pm on Newtown Radio. Twitter: @mxdsgnlsFacebook: MXD SGNLSTumblr: http://mxdsgnls.tumblr.com/ -

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Home on the Range, violin - semalt

almost 7 playing "Home on the Range" on violin -

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The Long Range Desert Group - semalt

The Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) was a reconnaissance and raiding unit of the British Army during the Second World War. The commander of the German Afrika Corps, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, admitted that the LRDG "caused us more damage than any other British unit of equal strength"Originally called the Long Range Patrol (LRP), the unit was founded in Egypt in June 1940 by Major Ralph.A.Bangnold, acting under the direction of General Archibald Wavell. Bagnold was assisted by Captain Patrick Clayton and Captain William Shaw. At first the majority of the men were from New Zealand, but they were soon joined by Southern Rhodesian and British volunteers, whereupon new sub-units were formed and the name was changed to the better-known Long Range Desert Group (LRDG). The LRDG never numbered more than 350 men, all of whom were volunteers.The LRDG was formed specifically to carry out deep penetration, covert reconnaissance patrols and intelligence missions from behind Italian lines, although they sometimes engaged in combat operations. Because the LRDG were experts in desert navigation they were sometimes assigned to guide other units, including the Special Air Service and secret agents across the desert. During the Desert Campaign between December 1940 and April 1943, the vehicles of the LRDG operated constantly behind the Axis lines, missing a total of only 15 days during the entire period. Possibly their most notable offensive action was during Operation Caravan, an attack on the town of Barce and its associated airfield, on the night of 13 September 1942. However, their most vital role was the 'Road Watch', during which they clandestinely monitored traffic on the main road from Tripoli to Benghazi, transmitting the intelligence to British Army Headquarters.With the surrender of the Axis forces in Tunisia in May 1943, the LRDG changed roles and moved operations to the eastern Mediterranean, carrying out missions in the Greek islands, Italy and the Balkans. After the end of the war in Europe, the leaders of the LRDG made a request to the War Office for the unit to be transferred to the Far East to conduct operations against the Japanese Empire. The request was declined and the LRDG was disbanded in August 1945.This diorama is dedicated to my late father and all who served alongside him in the western desert during world war two. -

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The Range - Shop with me ! - semalt

It's been a while since we visited The Range, They had some great items in stock. I tried to cover as much of the shop as I could. Please click the link below to view the Haul video https://youtu.be/HbuoLe_06pESit back, chill and shop with me. -

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Glock 42 At The Range - semalt

Website: http://www.tacticalexistence.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/tacticalexis...Twitter: https://twitter.com/TacticalExistWe took the Glock 42 .380 out to the range today for a little more testing before the final review. This small lightweight carry gun is an absolute pleasure to shoot. From it's smooth and light recoil, to it's accuracy. Everything about this mini Glock is fantastic! Well almost, the only problem we have with it is the intermittent last round hold open which seem to almost never lock the slide back on the last round like it is intended to do. Now with that being said if thats the only issue we have with this tiny shooter I'm ok with it. If you would like to learn more about the Glock G42 or any other Glock pistol visit them at their website here. http://us.glock.com -

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